STEP 1: Introduction to TerraNova NEXT

  • The new TerraNova NEXT uses the same technically sound, reliable, and valid qualities that you have come to expect from TerraNova3. It will continue to provide norm-referenced, criterion-referenced and Proficiency Level (Performance Level) data.
  • TerraNova NEXT uses the same longitudinal growth scale as your current TerraNova 3 version (does not interrupt longitudinal tracking).
  • TerraNova NEXT provides a pure, nationally inclusive norm linked to TerraNova 3 and also provides OPI and mastery scores on objectives aligned to National Standards and the College and Career Ready standards.
  • Interactive Reporting data includes the ability to track performance at the student, class, school, and district/diocesan level.
  • TerraNova NEXT is a fully accessible online test.  TerraNova NEXT is available in paper/pencil and online at grades K-8.
  • Items on the online assessment will be new and enhanced, focusing on student engagement.
  • TerraNova NEXT will have fast turn-around of results. All data and reports will be available in DRC Interactive Reporting for educators to dive deeper into student and class performance.
TerraNova NEXT Testing Times Table
STEP 1.5

Adding Users to the Portal