STEP 9: Administering TerraNova NEXT

Student Testing Materials

Students will need:

  • Testing device such as a desktop or laptop computer, iPad or Chromebook
  • Student test ticket or login information (username and password)
  • Headphones if taking the listening portion of any assessment OR if taking any test with the TTS support/accommodation enabled. No microphone is required for any part of the test (an exception is if the student is testing remotely)
  • Scratch paper (as determined by the teacher)
  • A quiet, distraction-free testing environment

Students should NOT have:

  • Phones of any variety (this includes smart watches)
  • Physical calculators (unless expressly permitted in an IEP or 504 Plan and marked as an accommodation in DRC INSIGHT PORTAL). Calculators are presented as an online tool for students when needed
  • Tablet or computer that is not the testing device
  • Non-testing audio or video in the room (such as a TV, radio, or smart speaker)
  • Cameras of any variety

Administrator Scripts

TerraNova Next does not require a standard administration script. Below are steps that can be used to guide students through the sign-in process. 

  1. Distribute Test Tickets
    If testing in-person, Test Administrators (TAs) should receive a physical Test Ticket for each student in each test session from a District or School Test Coordinator (DTC/STC) or TAs may print their own tickets provided they have a login and adequate permissions in the DRC INSIGHT Portal. Before beginning, ensure that each student who will be testing has a ticket and that the tickets show the correct test name/session. Have each student verify their name appears on the test ticket.Contact your DTC or STC if a ticket is missing or incorrect.
  2. Direct Students to the Sign-in Page
    Students should select the “DRC INSIGHT Online Assessments” icon that appears on the screen. Students using a laptop or desktop workstation should double click on the icon. Students using a Chromebook or iPad device should tap on the icon. Help students if they have trouble activating the program. Some devices are configured for multiple assessments. If that is the case, see step number 3 below. If not, go to step number 4.
    DRC INSIGHT Desktop Icon


  3. Select the Testing Program
    On the screen, students may be asked to select the testing program.
    testing program screen

  4. Select TerraNova NEXT
    Direct students to select “TerraNova NEXT” link.

  5. Student Sign-in
    Students should use the username and password printed on their test ticket to sign-in to the test. Ticket information is unique to each student, each test session, and is not case sensitive. Assist students as needed.
    sign in window
  6. Welcome Screen
    After successfully signing in, students should see a welcome screen. Students should verify that their name is correct and that the correct test/session name is displayed. If a student requires accommodations, those should be listed on this screen. If any information is missing or incorrect, the TA should contact the DTC or the STC before proceeding.
    welcome screen

  7. Select the Session
    The next screen will include a link or links to the test sessions. Direct students to select the desired test session to continue.
  8. Test Directions
    Several pages of test directions will display. TAs can opt to read through the directions with students or have the students review the directions on their own. On the last page of the test directions is a green button that says, “Begin the test.” Once students select this button, the test will begin.

Pausing, Exiting, Submitting, and Re-taking tests

Breaks can be provided during the test session using the software’s “Pause” feature. If the test is paused for more than 20 minutes, the student will be logged out and will need to re-enter their username and password to resume the test.

If the student wishes to stop the test but intends to resume at a later time, the software’s “Exit” feature can be used. The student will need to re-enter their username and password in order to resume the test. All previous responses will be retained.

After responding to the last item, the student will be taken to the review screen prompting them to review answers (marked and unmarked) for all items prior to submitting the test. At that point, the student can either click the “Return to Questions” button to answer previously unanswered questions or review their answers or press “End Test” to submit the test. Once the student has pressed the “End Test” button, the student must provide a confirmation that they are done.

Universal Tools, Supports, and Accommodations

Universal Tools
Universal tools are online tools that are available to all students and are “on for all,” meaning they are available by default and do not require anything to be pre-marked in DRC INSIGHT Portal. For TerraNova NEXT the following universal tools are available:

  • Cross off
  • Highlighter
  • Sticky Notes
  • Magnification
  • Line Guide
  • Mark for Review (Flag)
  • Color Contrast
  • Masking
  • For designated math items:
    - Calculator
    - Graphing Tool
    - Protractor
    - Ruler

Supports and Accommodations

The TerraNova NEXT test offers English Text-to-Speech (TTS) on all adaptive (CAT) forms and Spanish TTS on Spanish math fixed forms. TTS uses a computer voice to read test materials aloud to students. TTS (English or Spanish) must be marked in DRC INSIGHT Portal BEFORE the test ticket is printed and, if properly enabled, will appear in the “Accommodations” section of a student’s test ticket as “TTS.”

The use of TTS for a test is at the teacher’s discretion—a student does NOT need to have read aloud noted in an IEP or 504 Plan.

Any student using TTS for their test should use headphones for all TTS-enabled sessions or test in a separate setting.

TerraNova NEXT also offers accommodations available on Fixed Forms.  The following accommodations are available and should be marked in the DRC INSIGHT Portal BEFORE a test ticket is generated: 

  • Video Sign Language (ASL) for Math and for ELA Speaking (where in use)
  • Spanish for Math
  • Braille Math and ELA

An extended version of this video is available here. The extended version outlines how to set up test monitoring in the DRC INSIGHT Portal. Permissions for editing test sessions in the DRC INSIGHT Portal are required to set up test monitoring.