Interactive Reports Descriptions

Summary Results

Subtest Summary
Displays a summary of student results by subtest with the ability to drill down to objectives.
subtest summary screen

Objective Summary
Displays mean NCE with national and local quartile scores.
TerraNova NEXT Objective Summary

Cohort Comparison
Tracks progress of a group of students over time.
TerraNova NEXT Cohort Comparison TerraNova NEXT Cohort Comparison TerraNova NEXT Cohort Comparison

Item Summary
Displays summary of item performance alongside applicable standards to support instructional decision making.
item summary screen

Student Results

Student Roster
Improved, simplified views and download options.

student roster screen

Longitudinal Roster
Student results over time; shows difference in scale score with each test event.
Longitudinal roster screen

Item Roster
Displays points possible and points earned across various subtests and objectives.
item roster screen

Student Dashboard
Displays student results by skills area with the ability to drill down to strands.
student dashboard screen

Batch Download

Individual Profile Report
TerraNova NEXT Individual Profile Report

Assessment Summary Report – School
TerraNova NEXT Assessment Summary Report

Student Roster Export
TerraNova NEXT Student Roster Export