STEP 8: Access Online Tools Training

There are two ways to access the Online Tools Training: using a web address or via the DRC INSIGHT Application

  • You can use this link to open the training from any computer or from some tablets. Just make sure you use a Google Chrome web browser.
  • To open the training at your school with the application, click the DRC INSIGHT icon on your computer or tablet.
  • The next screen shows a training menu for different levels of TerraNova NEXT.

TerraNova OTT Training Menu

  • Have students select their level and sign-in with the provided username and password.
  • Students should enter the username and password into the white text entry boxes, then click Sign In.

TerraNova OTT Sign In

  • On the sample test questions, students can practice using the following tools:
  • Some test directions will appear. This matches the test instructions on the actual test.
    • Pointer
    • Cross-Off
    • Highlighter
    • Sticky Note
    • Magnifier
    • Line Guide
    • Measurement Tools (if applicable)
TerraNova OTT Tools