Regenerate a Student’s Test Ticket

You can regenerate a test ticket for a student who has already tested, but needs to take the test again. For example, if a student takes a test without the proper accommodations, you can regenerate the student’s ticket the test so it can be taken with the necessary accommodations. 

Note: Regenerating a student’s test ticket deletes the student’s previous responses, including any Subtests in the test session. 

  1. To regenerate a test ticket from the Testing Status window, click My Applications and Manage Test Sessions. The Test Sessions page displays. 
  2. When the Test Sessions window displays, enter your search criteria and click the Show Sessions button. 
  3. In the Actions column for the student’s test session, click the Edit/Print Ticket Status icon (). The Testing Status window displays. 
  4. On the Testing Status window, click the Regenerate Test Ticket icon () for the student whose test ticket you want to regenerate. 
  5. When the Confirm Regenerate dialog box displays, click Regenerate Test Ticket to regenerate the student’s test ticket or Cancel to cancel the process.